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Who is MD Omar Makki

About MD Omar Makki

A Digital Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Web Developer & Designer, Digital Marketing Expert, And Cyber Security Expert. You May Call Him A-One-Man-Army!

A hands-on workaholic creative entrepreneur and digital marketer with more than 8 years’ fieldwork experience along with a growing list of satisfied customers on my side. He has been responsible for bringing concepts to life for clients as enjoys working on the internet and learning everything there is to know about digital platforms. In addition to his introduction, He believes detailed research is a must when it comes to any digital site. Furthermore, he remains connected to digital media in addition to learning more.


For his Clients

He singlehandedly dealt with 10000+ clients so far!

He’s worked with some incredible people over the years. Over 700 Facebook reviews testify to his outstanding service. Anyone who wants to take their business to new heights can leverage the power of his expertise. He currently has 35+ dedicated employees who work diligently. With his outstanding Tech Makin team, He has created search engine marketing strategies for leading companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses in a range of industries in the United States, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and other countries throughout the world.


Background & Study

Does anyone need a bachelor’s degree to be knowledgeable enough in Life to Succeed?

Regardless of the fact that he is a Bangladeshi, he was born in Saudi Arabia due to his father’s profession, and his family moved to Bangladesh to educate him and his siblings in the Bangladeshi culture. They were relocated to Chittagong and nurtured there. MD Omar Makki dropped out of school at a young age, barely finishing the fifth grade, due to personal problems. after completing 5th grade he completed his study in madrasa by completing a Hifz degree. Makki knew his journey would be challenging enough without anyone to guide him or show him his way, but the miracle was his voracious thirst for knowledge.

Journey So Far

It all started in 2007!

It was the early stages of Facebook in Bangladesh, and just a few people, including Mr. Makki, were aware of it and actively using it. His desire to learn more about this new technology area prompted him to become familiar with the online world and how to profit from it. His interest in technology led him to join a number of Facebook groups, websites, blogs, and YouTube channels. And he was introduced to the concept of freelancing. In the same year, 2007, he started his freelancing career. After conducting extensive research, he realized that there are many more ways to make money online.

He afterward started his own coding education by reading blogs, watching YouTube tutorials, and visiting similar websites. He unexpectedly mastered the principles of PHP and HTML in just seven days! His career as an entrepreneur began in 2014 when he founded Tech Makki. This enthusiastic entrepreneur writes regular blogs about his strategies and journey to express his thoughts!


Tech Makki

An Innovative Company That Believes in Excellent Client Service!

Tech Makki is one of MD Omar Makki’s IT enterprises which was founded in 2014 which currently has 35+ active dedicated teams to serve their clients.



An Amazing Success Story!

This outstanding entrepreneur received 37+ certifications and awards from IT centers, IT institutions, and other organizations. In the years 2011 and 2012, He also used to do online sessions and share his skills with others. Not only that, but he was also a trainer who ran a number of online batches.



A Good Soul Who Believes in Helping!

This excellent person also believes in helping people in every way possible. He never hesitates to devote some of his considerable time to helping other learners develop a little more.

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