How can you send Bkash payment using your personal Bkash account

We have our personal Bkash account. We accept from all of your Bkash account personal or merchant bikash number. You can send us payment via your personal Bkash or go to any nearest Bkash agent and send us your packages amount money to our Bkash number.

Please use the following steps to pay now!
  • Go to bKash Menu by dialing *247#
  • Choose ‘Send Money’ option by pressing ‘1’
  • Enter our bKash wallet number : 01823161527
  • Enter BDT. amount you have to pay : xxxx
  • Enter a reference : Tech Makki
  • Now enter your PIN to confirm: xxxx
  • Done! You will get a confirmation SMS

How to Make Payment Through bKash :


Dial *247# on your bKash activated mobile phone
  1. Send Money

  2. Buy Airtime
  3. Payment
  4. Cash Out
  5. Remittance
  6. My bKash
  7. Helpline

Press ‘1’ to select ‘Send Money’

Enter bKash No. 01823161527


Enter “01823161527

Enter Amount: xxxx


Enter ‘Amount

Enter Reference: Tech Makki


Enter your reference number ‘Tech Makki


  • To: 01823161527
  • Amount: TK xxxx
  • Reference: Tech Makki

Enter PIN to confirm: xxxx


Enter your bKash Menu PIN to confirm payment

Send Money TK.xxxx to 01823161527 successful. Ref Tech Makki. Fee TK. 0.00 Balance TK.XXXX.XX TrxID XXXXXXX at 6/09/2020 14:35


Customer will receive a payment confirmation SMS

How to Make Payment Through bKash Apps :

Go to The bKash Apps & Just Scan QR Code and then pay the amount.

bKash QR Code For Payment
bKash QR Code For Payment