Earning Commission from Tech Makki Affiliate Program

We often asked a Question from our Marketers- How much I could Earn from Tech Makki Affiliate Program?

The true answer will be- there is no Limit or Earning. Your Earning will completely depend on your successful sales revenue. You will earn commission according to your Commission rate for each sale. We have four different Commission pattern. Here are the details-


Number of orders per month Earning Commission Percentage Time to Gain or Lose
0 to 19 3% (Starter) Lifetime
20 to 49 4% (Silver) Last 3 Months Average
50 to 99 5% (Gold) Last 3 Months Average
100 to 199 6% (Diamond) Last 3 Months Average
200 and above 7% (Platinum) Last 3 Months Average


Once you applied and after getting approval, you will be our Default Affiliate Group “Starter”. On this group, you will earn flat 3% of your total sales value. Once you hit the monthly sales 20 or more for consecutive 3 months, you will be promoted as our Silver Marketer. In Silver Marketer you will get 4% of Commission from your every sales revenue and so on for the rest of the marketer groups.

If you are new in the Affiliate Marketing Industry, Here are some ideas that may help you to get more sales-

  • Find best seller items
  • Try to focus on Low and Mid price range products
  • Try to build your own community where you can suggest or recommend the products
  • Figure out which product is most known to you or if you already have one to share your experience on your blog or website or on YouTube channel
  • Try to do some research and figure out some which are the best part of any product or find how to solve if there are any issues or “How to” Style to make your community get trust and believe on you.
  • Never tell anything wrong about the product or you are not sure about that. Always try to suggest the true information.

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